Below is a list of anticipated FAQs regarding Project 1945. If you have any other questions not covered here, please click on Contact, on the menu above, to get in touch with us.


What is Project 1945?

Project 1945 is an exciting new endeavour by the Kimbolton School History Department. We have created it to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WW2, as part of VE/VJ Day celebrations. We hope to build a wide-ranging collection of memories, accounts, photos, documents and other treasured stories from those who were alive during 1945.

For more info about this project, click here.


How can I contribute something to Project 1945?

All contributions to Project 1945 should be sent through Mr Sam Knell, at srk@kimbolton.cambs.sch.uk


What can I contribute to Project 1945?

We welcome all contributions from those who lived through the end of WW2 and the momentous celebrations of VE/VJ Day, in 1945. You do not have to have served in WW2 in a military capacity, we would love to hear from all people, including civilians, who experienced events of the time. We also invite younger generations to chat with/interview those who were alive, and send discovered stories and memories to us. For advice and ideas about what you might want to send in to us, click here.


I wasn’t alive in 1945, but want to interview/ask a relative or family friend who was alive. What sort of questions should I ask?

We have put together a selection of sample questions to inspire you in talking to relatives or family friends about their experiences in 1945. Please, click here to read.


How can I read contributions that have been submitted?

All contributions will be published on this blog, as part of The Project 1945 Collection. It can be accessed through the menu at the top of this page, or by clicking here.

We have sorted everything received into different categories, such as photos, stories, documents, etc.., for ease of use.


How often will this blog be updated?

We will upload contributions as soon as possible, depending on the volume we receive. Please note that contributions may be edited for length, clarity and/or grammar, though we intend to keep these as minimal as possible.


I’m interested in learning about VE/VJ Day and WW2. Where can I find out more?

We have put together some information about the end WW2 and the history of VE/VJ Day, along with some links to external resources you may find interesting to read. To access this, go to What is VE/VJ Day? on the menu above, or click here.

Additionally, we have compiled a selection of films, TV programmes, documentaries and books, about or set in and around the end of WW2. Go to Films, TV and Books on the menu above, or click here.


I’d like to know more about learning History at Kimbolton School. Where can I find this?

For more information about History at Kimbolton School, please see the History Department webpage, here. For any specific queries you would like answering regarding the subject at Kimbolton School, please email Head of History, Andrew Bamford, at aj@kimbolton.cambs.sch.uk


I’d like to know more about Kimbolton School, in general. Where can I find this?

For more information about Kimbolton School, please visit the School website, here


I have a query regarding the content being published/my name being given on my contribution. Who do I speak to regarding this?

For any queries about the content that has been published or about having your name credited/made anonymous for your contribution to Project 1945, please contact Mr Sam Knell, at srk@kimbolton.cambs.sch.uk.


My question is not listed in the FAQs. Where can I go to have it answered?

If you have another question that has not be listed on the FAQs, please go to Contact on the menu above or click here, for a range of contact options.