Mrs Betty Davis, grandmother to Connor Costa (U6th form), has shared some fascinating information about her maternal Grandfather and Connor’s great-great grandfather, Colonel Donald Coe Hawley (pictured above in his US Army identity documents).


Donald Coe Hawley

Born: 9th December 1894

Died: 12th April 1964

I was adopted at birth but was able to locate my birth mother’s family about five years ago. I was able to meet my uncles and they very generously filled me in on a lot of information regarding my grandfather’s service. He served in WW1 and WW2 in the Calvary and band, starting in December 1915. He worked himself up to a Colonel by the time he retired in 21 August 1950.

(Colonel Hawley’s WW1 records of service)


By the time of WW2, he continued to serve and spent time in the Philippines. He was a member of the military band and participated in orchestras wherever he served.

(US Select Military Register containing Colonel Hawley’s information)


(Serving as Provost Marshall at Fort Bragg, North Carolina)


Prior to WW2, Donald Hawley was fortunate enough to see the Hindenburg airship in person, and photographed it. We have published these in our Photos collection.

Mrs Davis has also researched into the role of military bands during WW2, and this information can be found here.

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